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Dolce merino, ROLLED and PRESSED. Orthopaedic

A mattress which always keeps its shape with orthopaedic weight-bearing capacities.Its core is made of Puralattex, an environmentally friendly elastomere of new design with all the necessary features of orthopaedic support, the result of a water-based blending containing no harmful expanders ( no CFCs ), it is characterized by both its resilience and elasticity

It holds the spinal column in the correct position during sleep, thus aiding correct posture.

This mattress possesses all the features necessary to allow you to sleep restfully and healthily:
· OPTIMAL UNIFORM SUPPORT together with the material's density makes it ORTHOPAEDIC ( density 30; thickness approximately 18cm )
· ELASTICITY and RESILIENCE, i.e., the material's "springiness" assures years of use without losing its shape, preventing the discomfort and harmful pressure which are common to spring mattresses.

Moreover , thanks to its quilted upholstery in natural fabrics, it can disperse body humidity and it is hygienic and thermal.

Thanks to a special vacuum sealing procedures it can be packed in a handy roll meaning that anyone can pick it up directly from a supermarket and comfortably bring it home.
This technology, along with the materal's specific properties of "resilience" and "elasticity", allows its volume to be drastically reduced for easy transport (1 cubic meter = about 15 mattresses 80x190cm). The mattress immediately regains its original shape on opening the vacuum-sealed packaging.


Foam core in Puralattex®
Thickness: about18 cm

4 handles and 2 aerators

sizes available & packaging volume
display stand "X-PLOit"



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