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ORTHOPAEDIC ANATOMICAL PILLOW made of 100% latex, with removable and washable covers.

With proper support, the head, nape and cervical vertebrae can rest comfortably thus reducing pain in the neck region, snoring and insomnia.The PRIMAVERA orthopaedic pillow with its differentiated density is designed to mould itself perfectly to your body both when lying on your back and on your side, with a relaxing effect on the neck and shoulder muscles; even your face will have a more rested appearance.

This latex pillow's honeycomb structure ensures perfect hygiene because of its air permeability without moisture retention. Its characteristic wave-like shape has two heights which can be used according to the individual's needs: the higher/lower part for those who prefer more/less support. We recommend becoming accustomed to the use of the lower part first.

The pillow case is made of cotton jersey

2 types of pillow case available:

- Knitted cotton jersey pillow case with zip

- "elegance" pillow case made of a soft three-layered quilted cotton knitted fabric which has undergone anti-allergenic and antibacterial processes.

Being made of cotton means that this pillow case is machine washable.

The primavera orthopaedic pillow is an indispensable aid for a good night's sleep.

100% latex structure with differentiated density

sizes available & packaging volume

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