Matresses, pillows, quilts and bedding Primavera®: the materials used


Latex is a viscous fluid which is extracted from the Hevea brasiliensis tree. This fluid which quickly solidifies but remains elastic is mainly composed of rubber and is used as a catalyst and as a basic component for latex foam with which mattresses, pillows and other sanitary articles are produced.
Latex is a material with the following qualities:
- it is anti-allergenic because it neither causes nor traps dust;
- it is hygienic because it is immune to all micro-organisms;
- it is ecological because harmful expanders are not used;
- it is ergonomic because it moulds itself according to the body's weight. When latex is compressed it immediately adapts itself to the body's shape, offering a certain resistance and good support when more compression occurs. This means it is able to respond immediately in a proportionate way to the various degrees of pressure that it is subjected to;
- it is anatomical, because its elasticity gives firm and comfortable support, guaranteeing correct positioning of the spine;
- it holds its shape and does not lose its density in the course of time thanks to its natural elastic properties. It can bear great pressure without breaking, it is resilient and rapidly regains its original size;
- it is anti-static given that it does not become electrically charged when rubbed;
- it is air-conditioned and heat-regulating because it is formed of millions of open cells which are interconnected by a system of micro-canals optimized by the air sacs made in the sheet. This ensures the highest degree of air permeability, of the elimination of humidity and heat.
Latex constitutes the most comfortable form of support when one does not have particular orthopaedic needs. However if firmer support is required, the harder "firm-type" mattress is available on request.
A wooden stave bed base is the most suitable support for a latex mattress, so that air can pass between the staves. Furthermore, given their elastic qualities, latex mattresses are highly suitable for manually and electrically adjustable beds.


Puralattex® is an innovative material made of a newly designed environmentally friendly elastomere which has all the properties necessary for orthopaedic support. It features an "open-celled" microstructure which allows it to mould itself to the body's physiological curves in the most natural way because the air travels from one microcell to the next when compression occurs. In addition this movement of air enables both the body and the mattress to breathe, thus preventing bedsores.

There is no naturally occurring material which possesses these qualities. Puralattex is a synthetic product with propellant components and agents which are not harmful to health ( no CFCs ), instead they are water-based, hence avoiding the deterioration which natural products are subject to and also enabling healthy sleep in a correct position.

Puralattex is a longlasting material which has all the qualities necessary for sleeping healthily: resiliency and weight-bearing capacity to support the body ergonomically thanks to the product's springiness. Its shape will not become deformed through use and more importantly, unlike spring mattresses, it will not exert uncomfortable and harmful pressure on the sleeper; Puralattex's air permeability together with the sanitizing and anti-static treatments it undergoes make it HYGIENIC and ANTI-ALLERGENIC.

(or ball-rebound): this is a measure of elasticity. If a steel ball is dropped on the material the ball will bounce and the percentage height that it reaches is the measurement of its resilience. When this value is high it means that the material is able to swiftly regain its original form.
Puralattex PRIMAVERA mattresses show optimal resilience enabling them to quickly return to their original shape once the vacuum-sealed package is opened.

WEIGHT-BEARING CAPACITY (Indentation load deflection- ILD): this is the measurement of sagging under a certain load. The sample is pressed with a plate to a thickness equal to a percentage of the original thickness. The force necessary to make the compression, expressed in Newtons, is the measurement of how much it resists the weight. In practice, it corresponds to the sensation of solidity. The index normally refers to compression percentages of 25% and 65%. One of the primary elements when considering comfort is the so-called "sag-factor" which in practice is equivalent to the ratio sagging factor from 65% to that of 25%. A higher value of this ratio corresponds to a greater degree of comfort: this obviously happens when the denominator is small, i.e. when few Newtons are necessary - i.e. little force- for the initial compression at 25% in respect to the subsequent one. This positive characteristic is possessed by those materials which, after initial softness, display more than proportional resistance.
PRIMAVERA mattresses are endowed with this ideal characteristic because they give the feeling of softness immediately when one lies on top of them, without giving the feeling of sagging but rather of firm support. Puralattex's mean values are reported below.









Density Kg/m3 +/- 5%

Compression Resistance Kpa +/-15%

Newton ILD   +/-15%


Loss of ILD under duress

Permanent deformation    % max

25% - 65%

% min.

% max






140 - 380





The values represent the production averages on 10/01/2002.The manufacturer reserves the right to vary the characteristics declared.

Merino wool

Merino wool is a top quality yarn used almost exclusively for clothing. Merino sheep, which hailed originally from Spain, are the best breed for wool production. Spain was the chief center for the manufacture of wool. The merino fiber's very thin structure made it highly suitable for making damask cloth which was both hard-wearing and beautiful. This yarn was prized so much in Spain that the exportation of merino garments abroad was considered a criminal offence until the eighteenth century.
Merino sheep were exported to Australia from Spain and there they found their ideal habitat.
The upholstery of the Primavera mattresses made of merino wool acts as a luxurious mattress cover which is not only indispensable during cold and wet periods, but also absorbs excess humidity from the body. Indeed wool boasts therapeutical advantages over any other fiber not only in a cold climate but also in a humid/warm climate. Wool is the most hygroscopic, thermoregulating and insulating fiber which exists.
While sleeping, a person can lose up to half a liter of water in perspiration and wool is the only fiber capable of absorbing such a quantity of water, thus keeping the skin dry and comfortable. In fact wool remains dry when it absorbs water because the moisture is distributed to all the fibers and is then dispersed into the air. In this way a microclimate is created in the bed with constant temperature and humidity levels which are the necessary prerequisites for a good night's sleep (Graph E). Furthermore, the fact that wool is a natural fiber means that it is not electostatically charged and thus exerts a relaxing effect on our nervous system (Graph G) : Sleeping in direct contact with wool results in a lowering of the heart rate (Graph F).
Wool is a living fiber and as such, must be treated in a particular way. Correct washing and cleaning techniques will help you appreciate better the excellent quality of our pure new merino wool bedding.

Do not wash these pure new merino wool items in water nor should chlorine be used. Wringing is not advised.
We recommend dry-cleaning with perchloroethylene using normal procedures (with a drastic reduction in the addition of water) and drying temperatures of 35° maximum.


Tepid water:

Sugar, honey, soft drinks, fruit juice, perspiration, ink, iodine.

Warm water:

Milk, eggs, wine, fruit, mayonnaise, grass, vomit, ball-point pen, wall paint .

Tepid gentle Washing liquid:

Jam, chocolate, cocoa, tea, coffee, liqueurs, spirits, beer, soft drinks, salt, blood, droppings, mould, grass, crayons, rust


Nail varnish

Stain remover:

Coal, felt -tip pens, shoe polish


Burn marks

Diluited vinegar:


Talcum powder:

Ice-cream, pudding, soups


Lipstick, glue


To keep your pure new merino wool items like new remember that they must be well aired (without being exposed to direct sunlight) and gently brushed.

Cotton & sanitizing treatments

Cotton is a natural fiber of many virtues: it is resistant to high temperatures, it has a great capacity for the absorption of humidity, reducing body heat. In winter cotton retains body heat while in summer it keeps the body cool. Cotton is rightly called the fabric for all seasons. It does not cause allergies and it is not electrostatic. It is immune to moths but it can become a receptacle for dust mites and bacteria: For this reason it undergoes various hygienizing procedures ( e.g. sanitized or actigard). However the effectiveness of these procedures, like the wearability of the fabrics, is not long term.
The best solution, therefore, is to regard mattresses and other bedding as items to be replaced more frequently than what was traditionally thought. We advise asthma sufferers and other people with allergy problems to use commercially available antibacterial products on a regular basis and also to clean their households and furnishings at more frequent intervals.