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Do you sleep well?



Health farms, farmhouse holidays, organic food, yoga, shiatsu, contact with nature, walks in the fresh air …… every day we decide what to do or buy for our physical well-being, our skin etc. But do we know that sleeping soundly is just as important ?
We try to safeguard ourselves against our frenetic lifestyles, against noise, against pollution, etc….We can also safeguard the quality of our sleep by carefully choosing our bed. And its components. The best choice ? A wooden stave bed base, a suitable pillow, bed linen made of natural fibres, warm blankets which allow our skin to breathe and an orthopaedic mattress. Our mental and physical well-being depend greatly on the quality of our sleep and one of the determining factors for enjoying a restful night's sleep is the mattress we sleep on.

But just how careful are we when it comes to choosing a mattress? Considering the fact that our day begins and ends there, it is certainly worth the effort to dedicate some time to how we rest.
We spend about a third of our lives sleeping. Are we ready to cheerfully face a new day with energy? If we are, then we have chosen our mattress well. During sleep the body and mind are restored. Our spinal column rests during sleep. It also rests when it is not subjected to pressure, i.e. when it is not under sagging pressure which occurs when the mattress is too soft, or to surface pressure which happens when the mattress is too hard. A mattress which distributes the body's weight in an optimal fashion is defined as being orthopaedic. Our vertebral column is only designed for the erect position and the force of gravity means that other positions (sitting or lying) may create problems. A hard surface, therefore, forces our spine to contort itself, thus leading to circulatory problems as well as the harm caused by incorrect posture.
There is an empirical but effective way to determine whether a mattress is suitable or not for us: lying down flat and trying to slip a hand between the mattress and the lumbar region. If it slips in too easily, it means that the mattress is too hard, if, on the contrary, the hand cannot slip through, then the mattress is too soft and is "sagging".
A good mattress, therefore, must be capable of supporting the spinal column in the correct manner, moulding itself to the body's natural curves in a differentiated way to the various parts of the body, without absolutely any sagging in the lumbar region, just as a good pillow must be able to provide good alignment to the cervical area and the spinal column.

Clearly it must be hygienic, anti-allergenic, easy to air, cool in summer and warm in winter and be able to keep its shape.
Each person must choose the mattress which is suitable for his/her needs, making sure that we choose a quality product. We can obtain this by employing high quality materials and adopting rigorous ergonomic standards.

Generally speaking, our bed should e so structured so as to enable us to release all the electrostatic charges which we have accumulated during the day. The fact that PRIMAVERA mattresses have no metal components ( unlike spring mattresses which not only intensify these electrostatic charges, but also exert uncomfortable pressure on the sleeper) coupled with the fact that they contain no harmful expanders (Puralattex is new generation elastomere which does not contain chlorofluorocarbons CFCs ) means that it is ecological and that it guarantees a restorative sleep during which can truly refresh us and rid us of stress built up during the day.
To add a finishing touch to our preparations for a good night's sleep, we recommend the use of wooden stave bed bases and not to sleep near electrostatic sources such as TV and computer screens, electric wiring and small domestic appliances.

The PRIMAVERA range offers products able to satisfy your every need, guaranteeing a sound night's sleep!



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